Why Are Chanel Handbags So Expensive?

Why Are Chanel Handbags So Expensive?

The question on a lot of peoples minds when they don’t know the ins and outs of high end designer brands, is why are they so expensive?! and to be honest i didn’t know the full reason until i started researching for this blog. So for the next few weeks i will be explain why certain designer handbags really are SO expensive.

So lets start with a little background on the iconic brand we all know and love, Chanel.

French born Coco Chanel began her infamous Chanel brand at the age of 20 in Paris, originally selling sell out hats and then shortly moving onto clothing. Around five years later she introduced the iconic Chanel suit with collarless jacket and well fitting skirt, which truly were revolutionary for the times, taking inspiration from menswear and focusing hugely on comfort. Goodbye corsets! She also took the traditional black colour associated with mourning and transformed it into the chic little black dress - a design which is still iconic and worn by thousands of women today. Throughout WW2 she was forced to shut down the brand, but re-opened in the 50s and soon won over the hearts of shoppers around the globe. About a decade after her death in 1971, Karl Lagerfeld took control of the company and adapted it into the Chanel we know today, keeping its original Coco Chanel heart and adding a modern yet timeless feel. 

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Now, quality over everything is key when it comes to a high priced item, and Chanel is no exception. The leather used on a handbag can make or break the outcome, and Chanel knows this, using only the highest quality buttery soft lambskin, or caviar leather. Lambskin is the most popular due to its soft feel, but can be prone to damage if you don’t look after your bag properly, and Caviar is the 2nd most popular which is treated and hardened to give the signature Chanel leather look.

The interior is just as thought out as the exterior and the most iconic feature of this would be the burgundy colour leather on the inside. Coco Chanel was raised by nuns throughout her childhood who taught her how to sew and basically inspired the Chanel brand, and the burgundy colour is said to be a homage to them as it is the colour her carers wore - a piece of meaningful history which has inspired endless Chanel bags for years to follow.

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ever wondered what the small zip pocket inside the bag was for???

It is rumoured that the pocket was created by Coco Chanel as a place to hid her love letters…. CUTE

The hardware on a Chanel bag is between 22-24K gold plated solid brass, it is heavy and you can feel it. The weight adds to the price and the feel of luxury. They also use iconic flat head gold screws to fasten all the hard wear to the bags.

The Chanel bag never goes out of style, it is a constant icon of wealth and the elite, being seen on the most famous people. There are a lot of things that go into making something elite, and having the most wealthy people be seen with something is definitely the first place to start. This creates a increase in demand for a product, and with the brand only making a certain number of pieces, it creates a waiting list, making something harder to get, which automatically increases the prices - there is a prestige attached to a high price.

A Chanel is an investment piece, since 2010 the value of a Chanel has increased by 70%, the prices will only go higher and they hold a strong value as they get older. The Chanel 2.55 named after the date it was released, February 1955 is still one of the most popular iconic bags. With these bags being so sought after, and sometimes hard to get hold of, the re-selling market for a Chanel bag is also often very easy - you can sell yours today through Timpanys click here.

And finally one of the most important reasons why a Chanel bag is so expensive, is the time and process it takes to make the bag from start to finish, there are 180 steps in total to making the Chanel 2.55 plus a number of lengthly quality control checks. Its a handcrafted lengthly process with history.

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Now with all that in mind, would you consider saving up to invest in an iconic Chanel handbag?

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