THE HERMES BIRKIN: 5 Rules to buy by

How to buy a preloved Hermes Birkin: 5 rules to follow


  1. Chances are that unless you have a strong relationship with Hermes or you have bought with them before that you will be being a pre-owned Birkin - whether it is brand new in the box just bought by someone else or whether it has actually been used. Either way rule number 1 is “be prepared to spend”. In both instances if the bag is in good condition you will have to pay more than it cost at retail. If you are interested to know why this is - please watch my video here about why a Birkin is a such a good investment and why the prices are so high on the second-hand market. With regards to pricing - I can’t speak for everyone but I know that if I have a new Birkin in the price is the price. Howeverif I have a preloved one - sometimes and offer can be made.
  2. The second rule is to buy from someone you can have a good conversation with and you feel comfortable asking all the questions you want to know. Things you might want to ask include but are not limited to. For example you might want to ask how it was authenticated. Here at Timpanys we use a company called realauthentication / we have also used Links to both sites will be in the comments. 
  3. Rule number 3 is to be familiar with the market for a good length of time before you decide to purchase. This will ensure that you are familiar with the prices which do differentiate with colours / condition and sizes. At the moment the smaller sizes are very popular - I don’t want to use the word “trend” when talking about Hermes as I believe these are timeless but micro bags are certainly popular across the fashion houses. This will enable you to know when you are looking at a good deal and you can take the plunge more easily. It will also avoid you being ripped off. 
  4. Rule number 4 don’t get stuck on a colour. The most popular colour is generally black - it is a timeless classic and also wears very well. This does mean it is not only a good investment but also more hardwearing. Having said this there are many beautiful colours out there and you will pay a premium for some of them. By being flexible with a few different colour options / leathers and hardwear you are more likely to pick one up in a reasonable time frame. 
  5. Once you have bought your bag - congratulations you have bought an amazing timeless/classic piece. I would suggest for your own piece of mind that you re-authenticate it. Also, do keep everything that it came with - store it stuffed and if needed to take it to Hermes for a spa - every so often to keep it in tip-top condition. This is another good way to check authentication as Hermes will not accept counterfeits in for a Spring clean. If you are looking to sell your piece at some point I would always recommend doing so via an agent or third party. 

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