Designer shoe collection

This weeks video covers some of our most favourite designer shoes in store. From Chanel to Louboutin which ones have you got your eyes on?

November 04, 2016 by Antonia Timpany

Are you caught in Charlotte’s Web? The designer of shoes so sexy...

Are you caught in Charlotte’s Web? The designer of shoes so sexy that they even seduced Agent Provocateur! Now THAT makes me pay attention. The balance between playful and sexy is often a hard one to strike but she has hit the nail on the head injecting a bit of fun back into, the sometimes, over serious fashion playing field. The only downside? Being seduced by Charlotte is not for the faint hearted with prices as high as the heels themselves. To join the Charlotte-High club you have to have a good £600 to spend and thats before a bit of embellishment pushes you nearer the £900 mark! Don’t believe me check out netaporter. That’s why when a pair of her beautiful heels strutted into Timpanys last week I sat up and paid attention. They are sexy, rare and promise a night of frivolous fun for whoever dares to wear them. And the real beauty of these? Their price. £140. Now that’s pure seduction right there. Details and ability to buy can be found on our website:

April 18, 2015 by Antonia Timpany
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Opening Time

Having owned and run a boutique in one of the most expensive counties in England for some time now, one is never short of hearing a few jaw droppingly naughty tales, hearing about the cosmetic procedures that are worth the pain and pocket pinching price as well as the best value designer finds from Alberta Ferretti, Louboutin to Wang. Hear all the shop talk here.  

February 28, 2014 by Antonia Timpany
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