How well do you know Chanel?

 How well do you really know your Chanel? Known for their chic designs, Chanels' leathers are what binds the high class designs together. But which leather is best?

Chanel Lambskin:
Lambskin is beautifully soft and delicate; it almost craves a womans touch. Lambskin is one of the most sophisticated leathers on the market.
With its baby soft qualities, this also bares the downside of the fabric being prone to scratching and showing of blemishes. (Chanel Lambskin Mademoiselle available now at

Timpanys top tips for Lambskin Leather:
-Handle with extreme caution/ keep away from potential stain hazards- if stains occur seek professional help
-Always use a dry cloth, never put water on the leather as this can lead to water marks/stains
-Keep your bag in duster bag when not in use to maintain the leather 

Chanel Caviar Leather:
Bumpy to touch, yet intriguing to the eye, caviar leather is a popular leather amongst the Chanel community. Made from Calfskin with grain, this leather creates a eye catching texture. Caviar leather is great for the woman on-the-go due to its resilients and hardwearing attributes. Caviar leather does not show scratches or marks and can withstand the elements- therefore Caviar leather makes for a long lasting purchase! (Chanel Classic Jumbo in Caviar available online at Timpanys, £2,450.00)

So... Lambskin or Caviar?
While both leathers make a top choice; each are very different. Lambskin is soft and delicate with a higher chance of wear and tear- but oh so beautiful! Whereas Caviar leather can withstand the elements and take abuse without showing any signs of wear or tear. Caviar leather is also a fair bit heavier in comparison to that of the lambskin, which is another consideration to keep on mind when making your Chanel purchase. Its completely a matter of preference, is extremely soft leather more important than a hard wearing leather? 

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