FIVE reasons why the golden goose sneaker are so expensive..

Why people are paying $400 for a pair of beaten up trainers. Watch our video blog to learn all about these designer sneakers by Golden goose as well as other gorgeous trainers we have in store by Balenciaga, J W Anderson, Emma Hope and Bally. Or if reading is more your style we have a blog below.




1. HAVE YOU FELT THE LEATHER? It is butter soft and just the most wonderful quality. Further to this Golden Goose sneakers much like the Isabel Marant sneakers have a hidden wedge heel that secretly elongates your leg. So my first point is you are buying a quality shoe. Although they may look all beaten up they are actually an incredibly luxury product much like the Marants. Click here to shop Golden Goose.

2. HAND FINISHED Did you know that they are all hand finished by Italian craftsman? We all know that the Italians produce the most wonderful quality of leather goods. Because of this no one shoe is identical to the next. 

3. UNIQUE BRAND Much like any other designer good you are paying for the brand name. Golden Goose have produced a very unique and recognisable product being known for the scuffs, stars, stripes etc. so people buy into it as they want to be seen to be wearing the must have item. 

4. INDIVIDUALITY The high price point maintains the individuality of the product. It protects the brand from becoming too mass market. As not many people can afford to own a pair and there are also lots of limited edition variations the chances are that you have a very individual item. In a society where everyone has access to everything its nice to maintain an air of individuality.

5. PERFECTLY IMPERFECT Have you ever tried to distress denim? I rest my case - it's impossible to get it JUST RIGHT. All the distressing and breaking in of these kicks has been done for you and it's been done to perfection.

If after all these reasons you're still not sure then perhaps you'd prefer to shop for some less distressed trainers. My personal favourites are the pair we have in by J W Anderson click here to view they're current season in perfect condition and 70% of the price! Or perhaps you're more of a Balenciaga chick. There elastic trainers make for all day comfort shop here.





Stevan said:

Those are the dumbest reasons to spend $$$ on a pair of shoes.

Vanessa Loh

Vanessa Loh said:

Haha! Stevan, I agree with you wholeheartedly although there are some people dumb or rich enough to spend money this way. In terms of functionality and pragmatism, it just doesn’t make sense.


Me said:

Why do people always criticize how others spend their money? The operative words are – their money.

Carlos Lima

Carlos Lima said:

Let’s be honest here, the only statement I find somewhat reasonable is the leather and the breaking in, and sure 400 dollars for a pair of shoes, if you have the money why not.

But these shoes in particular and this brand is SO UGLY! I mean if I’m not getting the message please enlighten me but I can give a pair of normal leather shoes and 400 dollars to a homeless guy and have him wear them out.


Arianna Rebeschini

Arianna Rebeschini said:

I had 3 pairs of Golden Goose sneakers, two of them I had to throw away after just one year….the problem in fact is always the same, on the back of the sneaker between sole and side they start to unglue.
THIS shouldn’t happen with 400$ sneakers….plus they’re quite hard to wear and I keep getting blister. No, sorry, never again!

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