Fibrology Fever

After watching the Channel 4 Dispatches programme on beauty products I have actually starting paying more attention to what the ‘blurb’ on the packaging of all my expensive creams are saying. For example the programme explained that if a product mentions it is “anti ageing’ all that means is that it has to contain a bit of SPF…not that it is actually going to do anything to visually turn back the clock….

….Now I am quite lucky because my brother works in the beauty industry so I do get a bit of an inside scoop on new products launching as well as the odd tester thrown my way. My current exciting new find is the L'Oreal Fibrology thickening hair range. Firstly its cheap, normally I assume this means it won’t work, but secondly IT WORKS….my hair felt immediately thicker after the first wash and has continued to do so over time. The thing that makes this hair thickening range different is the key ingredient Filoxane (also used as windscreen sealant) which inserts itself into the hair fibre and thickens the hair from the inside out….as opposed to other hair products that claim to thicken but actually just add build up to the outside of the hair follicle….try it and let me know what you think!


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